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Reem B- Sharif
Founder, President & CSO

Reem Sharif is the founding member of DataPrime and serves as the key strategist and business development leader. After immigrating to the United States at the fresh age of 17 to pursue higher education, Reem’s newly met challenges allowed her to develop a Future-Oriented Mindset, which gave birth to a deep desire to succeed in her new homeland, the state of Texas. From thereon, in parallel with pursuing her undergraduate degree, Reem embarked on a journey of business technology and entrepreneurship. Reem has graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a dual Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Management and Accounting.
Her formal education, future-oriented mindset, and business tenacity and endeavors landed Reem Corporate opportunities with several top Fortune 500 companies and Global business leaders.

​Driven by the strong initial desire to succeed and along with her acquired professional experience developed over the years, Reem added Servant Leader to her title and is now committed to serving minority, women, and small business to develop and maximize their earning potential by providing solution-oriented business and technology services. She is an active member of Sigma Iota Epsilon, a national fraternity that recognizes scholastic excellence and promotes cooperation between the academic and practical aspects of management.
Reem still resides in Texas, with her loving husband and two children.