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Mohammad J Sharif

Mohammad J Sharif is the CEO of DataPrime and serves as the solution architect and digital transformation leader. Mohammad has graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a dual Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Accounting. Mohammad with his dynamic entrepreneurial and analytical background has helped the world’s largest banks, hedge funds, pension funds, and investors transform their legacy systems into a robust digital platform.

Mohammad’s excellent interpersonal, leadership, non-technical, and technical skills highlight his capabilities and a strong track record in establishing and maintaining solid client relationship while managing technical project teams.

The other key ingredient of his success is nurturing high-performance teams to drive agile product development. This is evident throughout his career, especially at large bank institutions, where he seamlessly rolled out transformational products by training department leaders and SMEs on new features and conducting weekly demos for company-wide teams. Similarly, at hedge funds institutions, he facilitated high-level product migration by overseeing and documenting end-to-end management methodologies.

Mohammad helps optimize business value by capitalizing on new technology solutions. An example is his introduction of Business Intelligence tools to strengthen data visualization at some of the top tear banks. He presented the product proof-0f-concept (POC) and led the implementation of ad hoc reports.

Mohammad’s vision for DataPrime is to help small and large businesses automate their operational structures, transform their data to bring forth value through continuous improvement by revamping the vision, creating requirement artifacts, and establishing operational structures for seamless execution.