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Consulting Division

Consulting Division

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Legacy and Digital Transformation

​For customers that host outdated IT Systems that meet functional needs but are no longer scalable due to a variety of reasons. Legacy systems hinder the Delivery and speed to Market of products resulting in production inefficiency and lost revenue.
To address this problem, Data Prime Consultants conduct a full review of the client’s legacy system in order to provide the best new platform and help our customers digitally transform their IT systems with minimal disruption and lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) possible.
Data Prime uses leading market tools to migrate older applications to a newer platform using an automated approach with high conversion accuracy.

Web Development Services

For customers that are challenged with reaching a broader client base or seeking to establish or improve their business credibility. A lack of or limited web presence can hinder opportunities for business expansion.
To address this problem, Data Prime Consultants develop websites that serve as the clients’ online real estate. This allows clients to emphasize the legitimacy and credibility of their business by allowing potential long-term customers to find out more about the business, the product and gather any needed information.
DataPrime uses web analytics code in the web development process to allow clients access to real-time reporting and interpretation of website traffic for business analysis.


For customers seeking automated solutions in order to leverage business results. Manual Processes that are time consuming can be automated for improvement in business operations and higher ROI.
To address this Problem, Data Prime Consultants first perform an Automation Feasibility Assessment by conducting a thorough evaluation of your existing IT and Business Processes. We use our Automation Assessment methodology to conduct the analysis in fastest possible time and give you clear indication of ROI you can get in the short and long term.
DataPrime uses an Automation Assessment methodology to provide strategy and planning for implementation of the recommended happy path for test automation.

Process Mining

For customers seeking to extract and analyze event data in real time for their daily business processes. A decrease in productivity or ROI can be the result of inefficient activities that have gone undetected or not realized early on.
To address this Problem, DataPrime Consultants helps clients detect the inefficiency through the recorded business activities or digital footprints and pinpoint the bottlenecks that need to be removed.
DataPrime performs a general business system process health check to discover deviations from the expected happy path. This eliminates any execution gaps and results in increasingly improved business and customer operations.

Business Development

For customers seeking branding, launching or expanding a business. Unbranded business products and insufficient market research increase operational costs and limit or eliminate ROI.
To address this Problem, DataPrime Consultants helps clients by performing thorough market or product research and provide the necessary information, knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage various aspects of a business.
​DataPrime conducts a full SWOT analysis for small and large scaled businesses along with recommendations for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions where applicable.